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Karen's Notes

  • Karen Kaczmar

Maison Noir in the Willamette Valley, Oregon

Founded by iconoclastic Sommelier André Hueston Mack in 2007. After a five-year successful run in finance at Citibank, he left to become a Sommelier and worked for Thomas Keller's two restaurants, The French Laundry in Yountville, California and Per Se in New York City. He then started his own winery in Willamette Valley, Oregon where he produces Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. He also produces a Cabernet Sauvignon in the Columbia Valley in Washington. His wines are unique and distinctive "garage" wines. He also has a small apparel company which makes T- shirts reflecting the punk, hip-hop and skateboard culture.

Andre is a resident of Brooklyn and is a believer in the power of the creative force to lead one onto new and innovative paths. He pokes tradition although not to the detriment of his product. Check him out on his TED Talk from 2014. We are carrying his OPP wines and his Washington State Cabernet, In Sheep's Clothing. The OPP stands for Other People's Pinot (Noir and Gris) since he originally purchased the grapes from other growers. In Sheep's Clothing refers to his status as a Black Sheep who goes his own way.

Other People's Pinot Noir 2019 Earthy, spicy, floral and herb-framed flavors of cherry with gingery wood spice tones. Lots of terroir. $23.99

Other People's Pinot Gris 2019 Tart, medium-bodied, a little spicy with richness on the palate and mouth watering acid on the finish, Delicious. $20.99

In Sheep's Clothing Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Medium to full bodied with ripe fruit flavors balanced by moderate acidity. Layers of cassis, blueberries, black cherries and dried herbs. Opulent.


He also makes a killer Rosé - Love Drunk Rosé - which we will be getting in soon.

He actually provided it in a keg to LeBron James who ordered it directly from him.

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