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Cocktail Recipes from Jonathan

End of Summer Mezcalita

2 parts of your preferred mezcal

2 parts fresh orange juice

1 part fresh lime juice

• Combine in a shaker with ice until well chilled

• Strain and pour over a handful of frozen blueberries

•  Add a generous of Disaronno for extra pizzaz

Summer 'Hattan (Inverted Manhattan)

3 parts high quality sweet vermouth (like Vya)

1 part (spicy) rye or Bourbon

•  Serve over an ice globe or several cubes

•  Garnish with your choice of classic Manhattan accompaniment 

    (lemon/orange peel/cherry)

summer 'hattan.jpg

Caipirinha Internacional

•  Slice half a lime into 4-5 pieces

• Add these to the bottom of a glass with a tablespoon of brown sugar 

• Muddle until sugar is fully blended with lime juice

• Add an equal portion of Cachaga to the lime juice

• For the 'Internacional' twist, add a generous splash of dark or spiced rum

• Add 2-3 ice cubes and serve.

*When properly combined, it should be slightly strong initially, cold with tart lime notes, grass and sugar cane come from the cachaga with an underlying brown sugar note.



Gin Spritz With a Twist


3 parts cold prosecco or seltzer
1 part Greenhook Gin
Splash of Cassis (or to taste)
•  Garnish with orange peal & serve neat or in a tumbler over ice

Knob Creek Mint & Ginger Julep

Knob Creek Mint & Ginger Julep.jpg

3-5 fresh mint leaves muddled in a shaker

4 parts Knob Creek 9 yr.

1 part Canton Ginger Liqueur

1/2 tspn honey 

•  Combine & shake, and pour over a glass full of ice

•  Garnish with fresh mint

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