Natural Wines

So-called natural wines are getting more attention lately as consumers pursue products deemed to be healthier and more authentic.  Natural wines are wines made by people who approach their craft with a minimalist philosophy, both in the vineyard and in the winery.  The grapes are grown organically, meaning that they are not sprayed with pesticides or herbicides.  They may also be grown bio-dynamically which, in addition to no pesticides, involves enhancing the soil with certain organic preparations. It also includes processes and timelines for enriching the soil, planting, pruning, and harvesting based on the phases of the moon and astrological signs.  


In the winery, natural wines are made with minimal intervention.  Grapes are hand-picked and hand de-stemmed. Only naturally occurring yeasts are used for fermentation, and mechanical processes in the wine making are avoided.  Since filtration is rare, there may be a cloudiness to the wine that is harmless.  Sulfites are not added and nothing extraneous is added to the juice.  Therefore, natural wines are said to be the purest expression of the fruit, the most authentic product of the vineyard.  


We currently offer the following natural wines:





Porta Bohemica Muller Thurgau 2017

An herbal and crisp white wine from the Czech

Republic. Powerful fruit on the nose, of melon

and pear. Refreshing, minerality. Hint of nutmeg.

Excellent as an apéritif... or on a hot summer day.




Pulpe Fiction Muscadet 2018

A light to medium bodied, uber-natural Melon

de Bourgogne, aka Muscadet. Hand-harvested

and vinified without any additives, it offers

restrained notes of orchard fruit and zesty green

apple with crisp acidity. Extended time on the

lees adds subtlety, complexity and a touch of

sparkle to the wine. This is the classic pairing

with oysters on the half shell but also goes well

with grilled freshwater fish sautéed in beurre

blanc with a side of steamed artichoke.






i no es Pituko 2019

A rare and unusual Chardonnay from Chile. 

Not for oak and butter lovers, it is fruity

and juicy with a nice texture and light







Domaine de la Borde Nature 2016

From the Jura region in France made from

Savagnin grapes.  It has a fruity, citrusy

quality with lots of energy, freshness and

a savory finish.  Biodynamic.  






Nat Cool Drink Me! 2019

A white with plenty of personality; fresh,

vibrant, with citrusy and vegetal notes.

Uncomplicated and straight-forward, it

offers high acidity and a light carbonic

sparkle on the palate, ending on a saline,

crystalline and refreshing finish. It speaks



Calcareous Bianco Puglia NV

Crisp, vivacious and thirst quenching. Lots of 

lemon and lemon zest, a bit tart, almost – but 

not quite – ripe apricot. There's bitterness of

the apricot skin and lushness of the flesh. A 

zippy little prickle that kicks in on the mid 

palate alongside a bit of stony minerality. 

Bombino grapes.




Mas Theo VDF "Cuvee TO" 2017

A 'natural' wine blend of Syrah and

Grenache from the Southern Rhone.  

Herbal, medicinal and effervescent.  

Appears inky and rich like a Rhone

but dances on your tongue to create

surprising lightness and elegance.  

Great value wine.





Nat Cool Drink Me! 2019

The red Counterpart to the above white. 

Ripe berries with some ripe-meat under-

tones that follow through to a full body,

round and velvety tannins and a fresh

finish. Made from the Baga grape from







Suertes Nat Cool 2017

From the Canary Islands from the Listan

Negro gape.  A naturally joyous and juicy

wine with sour  plums, sour cherry and

light tannins  Can be slightly chilled on

a warm day.  In a one-liter bottle.






Christina St. Laurent 2019

From Austria from the St. Laurent grape.

Bright, fresh and light as a feather! Flavors

of sour cherry and blueberries. Very light

tannins.  A little tartness which adds to the

refreshing quality.  Also may be drunk

slightly chilled. 






Calcareous Hellen Rosso 2018

This wine from Puglia in Italy is light on its

feet and very elegant.  Made from the Nero

di Troia grape, it is vibrant and easy to drink

with light tannins, lovely texture and flavors

of red cherries, blueberries, forest floor and

some lovely minerality and spice.  A true

reflection of the elegant terroir of the region. 

Biodynamic and vegan.


'Orange' Wines

Orange wine, also known as skin-contact white wine, skin-fermented white wine, or amber wine, is a type of wine made from white wine grapes where the grape skins are not removed, as in typical white wine production, and stay in contact with the juice for days or even months. This lends anywhere from an orange tint to a pronounced orange color to the wine.

Domaine Dugois Vin Jaune Arbois 2011

Distinctive with dry-edged walnut and Brazil

nut notes with a core of persimmon, orange

peel and quince. A magnificent example of orange wine. From the Jura region in France.





Calcarious Orange Puglia NV

Very fun, very easy wine from Puglia.  Tastes like blood orange peels dashed with salt. Made from Falanghina grapes.  Notes of dried fruit, orange blossom, citrus peel, and white flowers dominate this aromatic and well-balanced palate.




Coenobium Ruscum 2018

Blend of trebbiano, malvasia and verdicchio from the Lazio region in Central Italy.  On the nose, it’s rustic with notes of balsamic vinegar.  On the palate it is gentle and round with notes of pear, apple and peaches.  Medium body with bright acidity and a long, almost cognac-like finish.  One also thinks of orange marmalade, orange peel, stewed peaches and honey.  A delicious and complex wine. 





Censo Praruar 2016

Cattarato grapes from Sicily make for this translucent rusty orange wine that is just a bit cloudy in the glass; interesting aromas and

flavors of iron, rocky soil, cut rose stems and walnuts. Hints of iodine and smoke mingle in the

background. Juicy acidity keep this wine bright

and provide an interesting counterpoint to drying tannins. The finish goes on forever. 




Zephyr Agent Orange 2019

From New Zealand.  Fruity and aromatic with a distinctly dry finish. The fruit is tropical with vibrant acidity, complimented by intense floral aromatics and a touch of clean salinity on the finish. 


2P Production Meskine Contact 2017

An Orange wine lover's dream. Funky, perfumed, petrol. A little rhubarb and ginger on the palate.



Click here to read The Polarizing Power of Orange Wine by Eric Asimov in The New York Times

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