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Ever wonder how Brandy passes the evening once the lights are out in the shop? Well over the next few months we will be divulging a bit of a company secret... Brandy's Secret Stash!

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by Jonathan Anders

Brandy with that subtle indication of familiarity to a great classic - the Roccamora Negroamaro - a softer mid-body red with rich black fruit notes and a hint of mocha & coffee bean on the end. 

Brandywine .jpg
Brandywine with bottle.jpg

Brandy, curled up & already reaching for a glass - looks like tonight she will be entertaining the Domaine Migot Côtes de Toul - a beautiful French pinot noir from a little known appellation in Lorraine; fresh minerality, lush texture and a saturating quality that is stunning and pervasive. Organically grown & hand harvested - Brandy recommends it as a superb accompaniment to Thanksgiving dinner (or a late night treat).

Brandywine sweater drawer.jpg


Ms. Brandywine's secret sweater-drawer cat-nest & her favorite winter treat!  Beaverkill Bourbon Cream! Come by this Saturday (11/20) from 3:00-5:00 to sample some for yourself! Tasting includes free cat-cameo when you wear your own pet-friendly sweater (fur removal not provided).  

brandywine beaujolais.jpeg

Tsk Tsk! Looks like someone got into the Beaujolais a little early! What a cat'astrophe!


Follow her mischievous exploits at #NiteCapCat

Oh, if you would now, just one more sip, one more sip? Too good to be true - Hudson Cocktail company's "Current Cosmo" - it will have you begging for more! A great holiday option for all those non-wine drinkers - pick it up while supplies last (our stock seems to strangely be depleting overnight)


Someone's taking a nap amidst her office work. Looks like she got into some of Coopers Daughter Black Currant Liqueur - an ideal winter aperitif, a local cassis alternative & apparently the best excuse for sneaking a cat nap in the middle of the day!

You say something?

Brandywine's tryptophan support group - with the Chatham Wine Digestif section - with over 35 hand (& paw) selected Digestifs, Amaros & Herbal libations. 

brandy tryptophan

Brandy on the heater and Benedictine on ice – sounds like the makings for a new cocktail recipe!  Sounds like someone's purring, "Closing time yet?"


Oh Garçon! It appears that my 'water-bowl' is empty once again...

#nitecapcat by Jonathan

Château Cantemerle - a Bordeaux with dense dark fruit, subtle cedar, earth & tabacco notes that culminate in what is unquestionably a standing ovation


- "Encore! Encore!" Brandy pleads.

chateau cantemerle_edited.png

Caught in the act! Trying to lend a hand or sneak an early sip? Washington State Gravel Bar Cab & Broadside Cab out of Paso Robles - two of Brandy's wintertime favorites - now back in stock - or at least for as long as we can keep her paws off of it! 

Brandywine with Brisson cognac.jpeg

"There appears to be an issue with the contents of my snifter." 

Gilles Brisson Cognac, a Premier Cru from one of the finest family-grown distilleries, aged around 4 years.

Join us for a tasting this Friday to enjoy some - even worth skipping dinner for.

Brandywine with cherries.jpeg

Not just your simple Marachino Cherries - these little sour guys are soaked in local St. Agrestis Amaro for an extra zing & kick - in fact it looks like they knocked out our after-hours prowler... keep up to date with Brandywine's late-night misadventures #NiteCapCat 

Brandywine with Two Sisters.jpeg

Two Sisters Orangecello made locally at Springbrook Distillery - just don't forget your bendy straw once you've cozied down - it can put a real crink in your neck!

Leave me if you must! Close up the shop, turn off all the lights, lock the door - just leave poor little old Brandywine the spare corkscrew when you do...
Follow all of Brandy's after-hours misadventures at #NiteCapCat 

Brandywine corkscrew.jpeg
Brandywine Veuve Clicquot.jpeg

No need to hang the 'home-sweet-home' sign here - we had her at 'Champagne' - make sure you've got you're bubbly for the new year!


It's such a drag getting back to the grind after the holidays - worst of all Brandy finished off her after-hours hidden stash - time to restock! Follow her mischievous exploits when the shop has closed at #NiteCapCat

Brandy, you've been punked! We caught her in the middle of her 'Dry' January stash! All her favorite dry wines and spirtis - don't hide now, its too late!
#NiteCapCat by Jonathan

Got that late-night twitch for a little something smooth & rich? Take Brandywine's advice, and for a decent price, buy a little bit of Port, and your night-pains you will thwart!

Brandywine lipsmakking.jpg

Brandywine's 'lip-smacking' selection of evening 'treats' - looks like we found her secret for getting through her mid-winter hump days! 

#nitecapcat by Jonathan

Brandywine head wine bottles.jpg

A classic Bordeaux, a warm blanket, and a cozy basket to curl up in - the essentials for a cold winter night!

Whispering Angel Rosé - Brandywine makes sure we keep it stocked year round - no wrong time for a glass of rosé!

Brandy samples.jpeg

Brandy! Those are sample tasters for customers not for cats! Looks like she knows you can find samples of a lot of the local spirits at our shop... just ask us if you are unfamiliar with them!

Brandy chocolate liquer.jpeg

Looks like Brandy has already selected her Valentine this year - snuggle-worthy Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur!

Brandy G&T.jpeg

Brandy knows that nothing says "I'm done with winter" like a little G&T!  Here is a toast to more warm weather, tall pours of gin and time spent bird ogling!

brandywine by mark.jpg

When you've eaten through your whole bag of cat treats and are stuck for the evening with just the cooking wine & the mystery bottle your uncle fermented in his basement - that's why we are here to make sure you can be stocked for every occasion.


Upset that spring is nearly here and you haven't had a chance to sample all the Smokey/Peated Whiskey you desire? (Bad Brandy!) Don't go eating the flowers over it - we won't tell on you as long as you keep enjoying them!

Brandy begging.jpg

"Please sir, I want some more..." We've already been product sampling the new vintages of rose for the year - seems like someone can't wait for spring!

Fort Cop de Ma Priorat Brandy.jpeg

Not to get too carried away... but we (Brandy in particular) are very excited to introduce Fort Cop de Ma Priorat - a lively new Priorat with black raspberry and dark cherry notes, discreet tannins that lend shape to a long finish - a true reason to celebrate!

After much deliberation and lip smacking, Brandy can confirm that, yes, margaritas are indeed the correct answer... now then, what was the question?

Brandy on grape bed.jpeg

What do you call a grape-bed for a wine shop cat? Puuurrr-fect!


"How long until this is wine?" she wonders (mischievous grin).

Brandy's legs.jpeg

Brandywine gives our shop a 10 out of 10 for the quality and selection of gin... or at least that's what it sounded like from beneath the stool where she crawled this morning.

Brandy max.jpeg

Looking for that perfect blustery-spring, sweater-basket wine to snuggle up with? Brandy has you covered! Try out the Chilean Cab Max (rich dark cherry, spice & smoke) - for that chillier day red wine fix

Brandy rose.jpeg

We now have almost every shade of rosé in stock! Even if you're not a rosé drinker, we'll help you find something you wont need to stick out your tongue at (she's just mad we took her nap spot). These are all 100% Brandywine appoved).

Brandy in cooler.jpeg

Brandywine explores the benefits of being cat-sized - on one of those days you wish you could move into the refrigerator. At least here at the shop we've got you halfway covered with a paw-picked selection of great chilled wines from across the globe for your it's-way-too-hot summertime enjoyment!

How to play fetch with a cat - just imagine last week when it was wine bottles stacked on the counter (Brandywine also happens to be in charge of damaged goods disposal at our wine shop - coincidence?)

Seems like something disturbed that bottle of Fenimore Gin that was on the counter... was it always that low? Stop by and ask to sample for yourself this local gin or one of our other local spirits!

brandy in a box.jpg

Someone say Spritz? Oh no! Looks like a bottle of Cappelletti Aperitivo got left next to the sparkling wine as we were restocking (seems like Brandy got the wrong idea)

A flashback to the days when the internet still required good reception - Brandy keep those ears twitching! We've got your phone & email orders a paw's reach away

brandy desert wines.jpg

In today's age its good to be prepared - Brandy says she has our front window display of fall desert wines, spirits & aperitifs covered - no leaky bottle will go to waste! Meow!

Oh dear! Local celebrity cat caught in a faux pas! Looks like Brandywine must have let this slip after enjoying one too many Autumn festivities.

Great new sipping cognacs added to the shop - exciting films and new books coming out - people's sweaters laying around to nap on!

brandy liquer and tea.jpg

Brandy's been craving those rainy-day comforts - looks like she is all set to snuggle down with a hot cup tonight - undoubtedly with a splash of seasonal liqueur in her tea (or possibly splash of tea in her seasonal liqueur )

Brandy and popcorn.jpg

Movie night, anyone? Seems your favorite wine-shop cat has taken an interest in the local film fest! (Though its also quite possible she's up to her old tricks and has tucked a few evening nips beneath the festival flyer - we're keeping an eye on you, Brandy!)

For years now we have been trying to teach Brandywine to play dead - little did we know all it takes is for her to overhear that we are out of her favorite Irish cream liqueur (don't worry it's back in stock now - but we strongly recommend you get yourself a bottle before they mysteriously disappear)

Brandywine's vet says she needs to do more exercise - so she's incorporated an evening-time routine of wine-bottle lifting! (Just getting her warm-up stretch in first - then on to selecting tonight's "exercise equipment")

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