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Featured Spirits

The Fighting 69th Regiment Irish Whiskey

The storied "Irish Brigade" Regiment, one of the oldest and most honored military units in the history of the United States, is proud to present its first Irish Whiskey to America.


Founded in 1849 as a New York State Irish Militia, the 69th has fought as a U.S. Army Infantry Regiment in major engagements from the Civil War to modern day Iraq and Afghanistan.  Its Armory is located in New York City on Lexington Avenue between East 25th and 26th Streets.

This unique mash bill combines the finest malted barley fermented and distilled with pure Irish water, resulting in a fine Irish Whiskey that evokes the motto of the Fighting 69th, "Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked."



Iron Smoke Distillery, Fairport, New York

Started in 2011 in Fairport, New York over a smoker in a backyard with the concept of combining two great American pastimes: great bourbon/whiskey making with an added subtle hint of Applewood BBQ’s smoked goodness. The grain is grown locally, and it is smoked ever so slightly in a handmade smoking machine. 

The apple wood smoked whiskey is carefully handcrafted and aged to perfection in this small batch distillery.  Along with locally grown grain, the water is also local from the glacier-formed Finger Lakes. The character of Iron Smoke is distinct… smooth tasting with a whisper of sweet apple wood smoke.



Rattlesnake Rosie’s Original Maple Bacon Whiskey

Their very own artisanally  crafted bourbon whiskey with upstate New York maple syrup & natural flavors. Use it on pancakes!



Rattlesnake Rosie's "Forbidden Apple Pie" Whiskey

Made with Iron Smoke’s very own artisan handcrafted corn whiskey and upstate New York apple cider, cinnamon, vanilla and brown sugar.  It has a fresh from the oven, sweet apple pie flavor. Seventy proof has never been so smooth and delicious. One liter of goodness with a bite.


Beaverkill Bourbon Cream!

We had a great tasting at the store on Saturday, 11/20, and we highly

recommend it for the holidays!

From up in the Catskill Mountains, Prohibition Distillery presents this inviting blend of their own carefully selected bourbon, cream from the Finger Lakes & rich grade A maple syrup from the Hudson Valley. The perfect holiday or winter sip!

Beaverkill Bourbon Cream.jpeg

Previously Featured Spirits

We have a large selection of Amari, exotic liqueurs, and various vermouths and fortified wines which are now being used in the savory cocktails that have gained such popularity in the last several years.  Here we introduce you to two items that stem from the Catarratto grape -  Cardamaro and Ostinato Marsala

Cardamaro is a wine-based aperitif (from the Catarratto grape) made in the Piedmont in Italy. It is infused with cardoon which gives it a bitter, herbal and earthy flavor and blessed thistle which adds hop-like acidity and astringency. A short aging in oak adds spice, vanilla and texture.  It has the richness and weight of sweet vermouth, and only a gentle herbal bitterness. If you're familiar with Cynar, it is similar but lighter and more approachable. It can be sipped  straight or on the rocks but it also is a great cocktail ingredient. Substitute it for bourbon

or rye in low-proof cocktails.  

Here is a recipe for a Manhattan:

2 oz. Cardamaro

1 oz. red vermouth

2 dashes Angostura or Aromatic Bitters. 

Strain into a coupe, garnish with an orange peel.

$21.99/750 ml


Ostinato Fine Ambra Marsala Secco and Dolce is delicious, balanced and refined.  This wine is produced according to traditional methods now rarely seen in the appellation, especially in Fine expressions. These methods produce a wine of great complexity and, with its higher alcohol level,  the wine is less reliant on fortification and is more expressive of Marsala’s indelible terroir. Extended aging beyond the minimum Fine requirements produce a Marsala that resonates with deep vinous character.

Enjoy with dry-cured meats and a wide variety of cheeses. It also excels in a variety of cocktail applications—a 1:1 with Hayman’s London Dry Gin and Fine Ambra Secco is highly recommended—as well in elevating classics like Chicken Marsala, Saltimbocca or sautéed mushrooms. Once opened, this wine will keep for up to six months.


$10.99/500ml bottle.


Pinhook Bourbon Whiskey

Every year, Pinhook releases new bourbons and ryes that showcase the best attributes of their barrels. After meticulous barrel selection and blending, they find the perfect proof for each expression, giving the vintage a character as unique as the thoroughbred on the label.  We are featuring two of their products.  

Bourbon War

A bright nose of tropical fruit, butterscotch and cedar leads to a rich and vibrant palate of dried fig, cacao, roasted peanut and clove.  Aged four years.  

98 proof

$46.99/750 ml


Bohemian Bourbon

This High Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon has a bright nose of tangerine, preserved lemon, and brioche, which lead to a deep and lush palate of dried papaya, toffee, cocoa, and almonds. Aged three years.  

114 proof 

$45.99/750 ml


Greenhook Ginsmiths

In Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Greenhook Ginsmiths produces their gins in a custom-made 300-liter Copper Pot Still specifically engineered to work under a vacuum, which removes air pressure from the still. This unique distillation technique allows them to distill their gin at temperatures dramatically lower than ordinary stills—preventing the delicate aromas of their botanicals from becoming stewed by excessive heat. The final product is a lively and aromatic spirit that perfectly balances juniper with equal notes of herbal, floral and citrus.

American Dry Gin

An aromatic yet devilishly complex nose, with hints of citrus and floral, candied ginger, bitter herbs, and lemon peel that develop into an equally complex yet harmonious palate of chamomile, black pepper, bitter spice, dried citrus rind and crisp yet lingering finish.

$33.99/750 ml


Diplomatico Rum

Diplomático’s distillery lies at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Venezuela, where the purest of waters run to make the very best of rums. They are an independent, family-owned brand that controls the whole production process from field to bottle to create superb quality rums

Diplomatico Planas

Candied fruits and a citrus nose leads into just the faintest notes of butter and spice. The aging

appears in the palate with distinct barley, grass and toffee notes that meld into a tingly, spicy


$29.99/750 ml

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