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Chatham Wine & Liquor is a fine wine and liquor shop in the historic village of Chatham in Columbia County, New York, with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Our broad selection of wines includes a unique, curated selection of wines from small vineyards around the world as well as well-known labels – all at reasonable prices to fit every budget.

Our large selection of spirits includes a special focus on locally produced small-batch distilleries, and our collection of aperitifs, digestifs, and amari (Italian digestifs) is unrivaled.

Our Staff

Karen Kaczmar - Owner

Karen has studied wine and taught wine tasting since l978. She is a recipient of a certificate from the American Sommelier Society and the Level 3 Award from The Wine & Spirits Education Trust. 


Jonathan Anders - Manager

Jonathan has a fine palate for both wines and spirits, with a specialty in the flavor nuances of small batch bourbons and ryes. He is also a visual artist who works in graphite pencil.


DeeAnn Veeder - Website Designer

DeeAnn is a painter and a writer, who is known for her wonderful intimate biographies of local residents posted on Meet the People of Columbia County.  DeeAnn is also a knowledgeable aficionado of fine red wine.  

Peter Cervi - Sales Assistant

Peter is a fabulous cook, specializing in Italian cuisine. He is also an animal lover who was the owner of Camp Canine in Manhattan for twenty years, a day camp for dogs of the city. He also loves people and will engage you with great warmth and conversation.

Brandywine – Director, PR

Brandywine performs in the windows at night and in the early mornings, and attracts passersby with her unique beauty, antics and personality. She was rescued from the road as a baby by Summer Brennan, Cat Rescuer in Chief of these parts. Summer nursed her and, with the help of AnimalKind in Hudson, put her back in good health and presented her to us.

Check out #NiteCapCat by Jonathan!

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