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  • Karen Kaczmar

Domaine Migot, Lorraine, France

Camille Migot is a 13th generation winemaker in a tiny appellation in Lorraine called Côte de Toul. This area comprises only 100 hectares (247 acres) and his vineyard is only 5 hectares (12 acres) in this little known growing region in the area of France that used to be called Alsace-Lorraine and is now part of the Grand Est, an easternmost region of France bordering Germany and Switzerland.

Our current offering is Migot's Côte de Toul Pinot Noir, a beautifully dry and precise Pinot which comes in at a low 11% alcohol.. Thus it hovers somewhere between the bright and fresh reds of the north in the Coteaux de Champenois and the herbal reds of the Loire Valley. Layered notes of raspberry, blackberry, cranberry, forest floor and violets issue forth on the nose and the palate. Served with a slight chill in the summer, it is a red wine with the soul of a white wine.

Camille produces soulful wines. He handles his grapes with the utmost care and makes the wines with deep respect for the essence of the fruit. The grapes are certified organically grown and all are hand harvested. Only natural yeasts are used and all fermentation is in stainless steel or neutral oak with only very light filtering upon bottling. We carried his gorgeous Vin Gris during the summer, a waxy, deep and mouth-coating salmon-tinged rosé made of Gamay that, despite its depth, quivers with acidity. Migot’s version is almost incomprehensible in its combination of texture and power, with lightness and zing. The general blend is about half Pinot Noir and half Gamay. We will have this wine again in the spring.

However, we are featuring it here today because it would make a fine accompaniment to Thanksgiving dinner. With its low alcohol level, it is a perfect companion to a long stay at the table. and its mineral edge makes it a foil for the richness of the meal. Also, natural wine lovers will truly appreciate the deft touch of a winemaker whose approach is “less is more.”

​​Domaine Migot Côte de Toul Pinot Noir


Domaine Migot Brut


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