About Us

We are a small store with something for everyone.  We carry a wide selection of wines from all over the world specializing in good values that are off the beaten track.  Interested in spirits?  In addition to the staples, we feature many of the exciting new distilleries from throughout the U.S. as well as aperitifs, amari and liqueurs extraordinaire, many used in the fascinating new cocktails.

Karen Kaczmar, owner, has had extensive experience with wine starting with classes at the New School in l978.  It is to her teachers, Melissa and Patrick Sere, that  she owes her deep understanding of the concept of terroir, that unique combination of soil, climate and grape that produces  the characteristics  that differentiate the wines of the world from one another. Karen is a certified Sommelier and has a WSET Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits.  She has  owned Chatham Wine and Liquor since 2001.

Jonathan Anders, part time sales clerk, is an artist with a keen interest in totems and prehistoric icons who works in pencil and graphite on paper and on stone walls.  He enjoys good wine, is knowledgable about our selection and is our expert on spirits, both mainstream and local. 

Elisa Vega, part-time sales clerk, is also a painter.  She  was a teacher of special ed and an animal lover and advocate, having volunteered for some years at the local humane society.

Jack Bryans,  a former postal worker,  owned Chatham Wine & Liquor for twenty years before Karen bought it,  and he continues on as a dedicated part-time sales clerk.  

DeeAnn Veeder, part-times sales clerk, is also a writer and administrator for Tannery Pond Concerts.